Committee Members

Following a positive AGM in April 2019, below is a list of club officers:

Chairperson: Glyn Davies     - BPL Contracts Manager
Secretary:  George Hobson - BPL Squad Coach -
Treasuer:   Karen Williams - BPL Admin Officer

Welfare Officer: Simon Ferrarelli - BPL Corporate Aquatics Manager -

SwimMark Coordinator: Stuart Evans - BPL Volunteer Coach

Head Coach: Michael Glossop - BPL Head of Performance Swimming -

The Club Constitution was unanimously agreed accepted and ratified by Swim England East Midland Region.

Club Documents

Bassetlaw Swim Squad ConstitutionFEB19.pdf
BSS SafeguardingPolicy.pdf
BSS Code of Conduct Swimmers.pdf
BSS Code of Conduct CoachesTeachers.pdf
BSS Code of Conduct Parents, Carers and Guardians.pdf
BSS Code of Conduct CommitteeOfficialsVolunteers.pdf