About Us

At Bassetlaw Swim Squad, water isn't the only thing that flows through our lanes—there's a current of passion, commitment, and purpose that drives us. Our ethos is not just about improving stroke technique or reducing lap times, although these are important benchmarks of our progress. At the heart of our mission is a deeper, more profound commitment: "Adding Value to People." 

Every splash, every breath, every triumph, and even every setback in our pools is an opportunity to build character, discipline, and resilience. We believe that swimming, more than just a sport, is a life lesson. As swimmers push past their limits, they not only enhance their physical capabilities but also nurture their inner strength, confidence, and sense of purpose.

To be a part of Bassetlaw Swim Squad is to be a part of a community that cares for the holistic well-being of each member. We're here to cultivate a love for the sport, yes, but also to foster a culture where each individual is recognized, celebrated, and supported in their journey. Because when we say we're "Adding Value to People," we mean it in every ripple and wave. Join us, and experience the transformation that happens both in and out of the pool.

BSS is the performance swimming squad in Bassetlaw, we work closely with community base clubs to enhance swimming in the district.

We are the competition outlet for Your Swim Academy Performance Squads, in Bassetlaw. The Performance Squad ensures swimmers represent their local community club up to county championship level and train locally up to 10 times each week when striving for national and international success. And through the guid­ance and men­tor­ing of our experienced Swim England-qual­i­fied coach­es, swim­mers are encour­aged to attain their full poten­tial, and be the best that they can be.

We have links with the University of Lincoln as our closest Higher Education provider. We aim to be at the forefront of sport science to enhance performance.

BSS is supported by Dr Alex Brown, Sport and Exercise Nutrition Registered Nutritionist. Alex has experience working with British Swimming Championship finalists, England Squash and elite Rugby Union teams as well as University Sports Teams.

Swimmers can also benefit from a complimentary gym membership to add a specific strength and conditioning programme, enhancing their development with additional support from S&C coach, Nathan Oxford.